16 historic Seattle restaurants still open — and what they look like today

A past and present look at long-standing Seattle restaurants

With cranes in every direction, rising costs and the economic strain of the COVID-19 pandemic that has caused over 80 bars and restaurants to shutter permanently, the Emerald City has seen its fair share of once-stapled restaurants closing up shop.

However, some restaurants have managed to make their place in this ever-changing city, finding a foothold in their neighborhood and building a community around them.

Whether it's Seattle's oldest Chinese restaurant where Bruce Lee used to dine or the famed lunch counter at the Athenian Inn from "Sleepless in Seattle," these legendary spots define the Emerald City's food culture.

While indoor dining restrictions are still in place, take a walk down memory lane with past and present photos of 16 of Seattle's beloved local institutions still operating today.